Monday, November 30, 2015

Education in our community

Radio Commentary

America’s schools are teaching young people how to succeed in a complex and ever-changing world.
They are helping young people look beyond the problems and find new opportunities.

The world is different, and so are our schools. In fact, schools are being transformed in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.
Many new techniques and new tools, like technology, are changing the way educators teach and students learn.

This is important if we are to compete in a global economy by using best practices to conquer modern challenges.

While schools are changing, community support and parental involvement remain key to the success of today’s students.

This is because America’s schools are everybody’s business. Their success is our nation’s best weapon against all future threats, be they economic, social, military, or strategic.

Take some time to visit a local school. See what’s going on.
Volunteer to help.
There’s no doubt that the future of our democracy and the health of our economy depend on what is happening in today’s classrooms.
Your support and assistance will make a tremendous difference.

Let’s all resolve to help.