Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Community opportunities

Radio Commentary

Over the summer, look for opportunities in the community to engage your children.
Public libraries, YMCAs, and community centers are among the places that host free activities for young children and families, especially in the summer.
There are also some vibrant online groups for parents where moms and dads keep each other informed about local events, regular playgroups, and resources.
You can search for these groups on Facebook, MeetUp, or Google, but be careful to make sure you are accessing groups that focus on positive family supports.
A clearly worded description and active moderators are signs that the group is well-maintained and will have helpful information.
There are also a variety of Family Centers, which are great places for free playgroups and social activities. Parents and children can meet other families, learn about community resources, and take part in activities.
We are so fortunate locally to also have a wonderful zoo. The Goleta Railroad Museum has rides for little ones, and all museums have a variety of children’s programs.
The beach is another great place to take children of all ages, and local libraries have story-reading programs on a regular basis.
Santa Barbara County is filled with community treasures for children. Seize the opportunity!