Friday, June 30, 2017

Partnerships have made the difference

Radio Commentary

Partnerships are the central thread that runs through the fabric of all we have done here at the Santa Barbara County Education Office for the past three and a half decades.
Since this will be my last commentary before retiring, I would be remiss to leave office before publicly thanking and acknowledging our partners, large and small, who have made the difference in the lives of local families and children, and the schools that serve them. It is so impressive that our community embraces the concept “we are all better together.”
Members of our community — businesses, philanthropic organizations, institutions of higher learning, and private citizens — have all recognized the critical value of education as the cornerstone of democracy and the foundation of America’s future.
It has been said that individual snowflakes are fragile, but when they band together they can stop traffic. That’s what we’ve witnessed countywide — people and organizations banding together as a unified force to support students and schools. It has all made a difference. No individual organization could have done it alone.
I have often quoted Katherine Graham, whose famous statement captures so well what I believe all our partners feel when they help local children: “To love what you do, and feel that it matters, how could anything be more fun?”
It has been a true privilege and an honor to work alongside you and serve the children, parents, schools, and citizens of Santa Barbara County for the past 34 years. Thank you for your caring, investment and support, and the impact you have had on children.