Monday, June 5, 2017

Pool safety

Radio Commentary

Swimming pools are a great place for children to have fun and get exercise. But they can also pose some dangers.
The American Red Cross has important safety tips for supervising children anytime they are at a pool or pond:
Never let a child swim alone. Constant supervision is a must.
Never leave a child unattended in the pool area — even for the length of time it takes to answer a telephone.
Pool owners should make sure there is fencing around the pool, with a locked gate.
Deep and shallow sections of the pool should be clearly marked and separated with a line if weak swimmers or non-swimmers use the pool.
Anyone supervising children near water should know simple reaching techniques for rescues.
These can include extending a towel, shirt, branch, or pole to the swimmer, or throwing a life preserver or other buoyant object.  
It is also important to know how to administer CPR.
With water safety always in mind, everyone can have fun at the pool this summer.