Friday, May 19, 2017

I Madonnari

Radio Commentary

The plaza of the Old Mission will once again come to colorful life when Santa Barbara’s Italian Street Painting Festival is celebrated over Memorial Day weekend, May 27 to May 29.
I Madonnari, which is part Renaissance fair, part performance art, and one of Santa Barbara's most popular open-air festivals, will once again transform the plaza at the Mission over Memorial Day weekend.
My office sponsors the program, run through our Children’s Creative Project, as a continuing means of fostering arts education and expression for young and old alike.
It is also a major fund-raiser for the Children’s Creative Project.
The Project uses professional artists-in-residence to provide quality arts instruction in the visual and performing arts.
The Project also brings professional performing arts groups to Santa Barbara to work with our local school children.
These performers reach over 50,000 children in scores of elementary schools every year.
The Children’s Creative Project is more essential than ever. Every dollar raised is used to support visual and performing arts instruction in our schools.
At the I Madonnari festival, pavement squares sponsored by businesses and organizations are made available for local artists, architects, and school children.
Don’t miss out on this local tradition, starting May 27 at the Santa Barbara Mission.