Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Radio Commentary

Feeling safe makes children feel more confident when they can meet new people, try new tasks, and take on new responsibilities.
As children grow, they also need time to explore their power and abilities. This means parents need to let go of some control and help their children take “healthy risks.”
How do parents help their children learn what it means to be more self-sufficient? Think about these questions:
How do your children work through their fears or doubts? How often do you do things with your children rather than for them?
What do your children do that makes you laugh or feel proud? Do they know it?
To help empower your children, tell them often that you appreciate what they do around the house, at school, and for friends.
When your children tell you about problems, confirm their feelings and help them think through solutions.
Encourage children to take new roles at school or try new activities that will be enjoyable but not stressful.
Let children take full responsibility for some chores. When you do your own chores, do them with good cheer even if they aren’t fun. Your children will learn from your example.