Friday, May 12, 2017

College visits

Radio Commentary

The search for colleges can be very stressful. Parents can help in the decision-making process by planning visits to campuses. 
They can also help students prepare questions to ask during the visits. Here are some suggestions:
What are the strongest departments and most popular majors at the school?
What is the average class size? Is it different for freshmen?
How do I compare academically with students already attending the school? What kinds of cultural, athletic, or literary activities are offered on campus?
What kind of housing is available? How many students are members of fraternities and sororities?
What support services are available to students? General counseling? Health care? Tutoring?
What do most students do after they graduate? What kind of student is generally happiest at this college?
Selecting a college that will provide a good “fit” often rests on intangibles — a feeling students get when they walk around the campus.
But answers to these questions can help students narrow down whether a particular college might be right for them.