Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Learning on trips

Radio Commentary

Summer is often a time for family vacations and trips. But going away doesn’t mean that learning has to stay at home. Try these activities to help keep young minds active:
Put reading skills to practical use whenever the opportunity arises.
Gather bus routes, and schedules, to places like a zoo, a museum, or a baseball stadium. Let your children plan a portion of a trip, figuring out the travel time required, the cost, and the best time to go. Let them write out a schedule to follow.
You can also help sharpen their math skills while on a trip.
When filling your tank, ask your children to compute the gas mileage for your car.
On the highway, ask your children to read the signs and check the different speed limits. They can check off license plates from different states. Have them estimate distances between cities and check the estimates on a road map.
Of course, one of the most important parts of a summer vacation is the valuable time spent interacting with your children in a setting that is different from your home, without the normal interruptions.
Showing your children you love them and are proud of them is the best teaching tool of all.
Combine this with activities that stimulate the mind, and you will teach your children to appreciate life and lifelong learning.