Friday, December 11, 2015

Joyful child advice

Radio Commentary

The Joyful Child Foundation provides important safety advice for young children. It’s a good idea for parents to go over these items with young members of the family.

Advice from the foundation includes:

Big people should never ask you to go with them without letting you ask your parents if it’s okay.

Big people should not look at you without your clothes unless your parents say it’s okay, like at the doctor’s office.

Big people should not tickle or touch your body’s private parts — the places covered by a bathing suit or underwear.

Big people should not tell you to keep secrets or say they will hurt you or anyone else if you tell.

Big people should not ask you to help them find things like lost pets. They should get help from other big people.

Big people should not take your picture or give you presents without asking for your parent’s permission.

If anyone makes you feel scared or hurts you, YELL, SCREAM, RUN and TELL a grown-up you trust — a parent, teacher or principal.

This advice is important for every child. It can provide peace of mind for all involved if children are well-trained in these concepts.