Monday, December 14, 2015

Good health

Radio Commentary

Good health is essential to success in the classroom. It is simply not possible to concentrate fully if you are not feeling well, no matter what your age.

For this reason, all children should have regular checkups by their doctor. Often, doctors can find and treat a problem that could affect a child’s learning both in the short term and in later years.

Symptoms that seem small or insignificant could be forewarnings of more serious conditions. A trained medical professional will know the difference.

Vision screenings are also essential. A child who cannot see clearly cannot fully understand what is being taught.

Good nutrition is also an important part of good health. Children need to eat a variety of foods each day to maintain healthy bodies.

Good nutrition helps increase resistance to germs and diseases that are more prevalent in places where many young people gather.

The fresher the food, the better. Keeping processed foods to a minimum is always a good idea for young and old alike.

Also, try to help your child choose healthy snacks. Fruit, yogurt, plain popcorn, and carrot sticks are all good choices.

Good health is the first essential ingredient to success in life and in the classroom.

Every effort that is made to help young people in this area is a step toward a higher quality of life and more productive living.