Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Class participation

Radio Commentary

Everyone benefits when students participate in class discussions at school.

Teachers enjoy lively interactions. It means that they have struck a chord with an interesting subject. For students, lively discussions can engage them in the material in new and interesting ways.

For that reason, parents should encourage their children to be inquisitive. It gives them the self-confidence to raise their hands in class and to ask questions.

Classrooms where honest, give-and-take discussions take place are wonderful learning environments.

To help nurture class discussion, it's important that parents react positively to questions from their children at home.

Don’t be impatient. Engage your children in conversations about what they are learning and questions they have.

Also, if students really get into the subject matter and think of a variety of related questions, it helps them better understand the material.

Remind shy students that everyone feels some fear about being called upon to give an answer in class. Your children are not alone if they feel this way. But they should not let this stop them from trying.

Class participation is a common part of school life, and it can translate positively when it comes to life beyond school.

Give your children the best chance to succeed and to learn by encouraging them to take an active role.