Thursday, April 28, 2016

Los Olivos Elementary secretary wins state-level award

News release

The California Department of Education notified the Santa Barbara County Education Office on Tuesday afternoon that Lisa Andresen from Los Olivos Elementary School was recognized as the state-level winner in the Office and Technical category for Classified Employee of the Year. Now in her 12th year at Los Olivos, Ms. Andresen serves as the school's secretary. 
Superintendent and Principal Bridget Baublits says that “from fixing copiers to running the sound system for an assembly, Lisa is the ‘Ms. Fix-it’ we all rely on.”  
Working in a small school requires employees to be flexible and often wear a variety of "hats." Mrs. Andresen embodies these characteristics. "Her official title may be School Secretary,” Mrs. Baublits continues, "but the scope of her job requires her to complete a variety of tasks, including acting as a nurse, registrar, ordering curriculum, assisting with technology issues, and running the day-to-day office.” 
Beyond her many daily duties, Mrs. Andresen serves on the school PTA, the School Site Council, and the Labor Collaborative Committee. She is not only an employee, but a parent. She is personally vested in the school, and her efforts to make Los Olivos a top-notch elementary school is evident in all that she does.
"I am so grateful that my colleagues thought to nominate me and honored to have been chosen as the employee of the year. I truly enjoy being part of a school community and working with students, parents and staff.  It’s a privilege to watch our students’ blossom and be a part of their journey."