Friday, May 27, 2016

A community for kids

Radio Commentary

Sometimes we want so much for our children, and our community’s children, that doing what’s best for them can seem overwhelming.
We can begin to feel that there are too many bases to cover, and too many areas to support or protect to make sure our children get our best efforts.
It can help to focus our energies on a shared vision. A publication called Helping Kids Succeed has a great approach.
It asks us to imagine living in a community where all young people feel loved and supported by their families and neighbors, with many positive, caring places to go.
  • Where all young people know what is expected of them — what actions are acceptable and not acceptable. And where they see adults set good examples in those areas;
  • A community where all young people believe that education and life-long learning are important, and have strong values that guide their actions;
  • A community where all young people have skills to make healthy choices and have good relationships; where all young people feel strong, worthwhile, and connected to some purpose in life.

Finally, it asks us to imagine a community where all young people are valued by everyone.
Imagine the richness of life for everyone in such a community.