Friday, July 18, 2014

Social skills

Radio Commentary

The skills required in a classroom are many and varied.
Children need to know how to take turns, make compromises, approach unfamiliar children, obey those in authority, and be generally nice to others.
Only then are they are socially ready to learn. But no one is born with these skills. They come from repeated interactions with other children at an early age.
Keep in mind that not all the interactions must be positive and pleasant. Children need to understand that others can be unfair and unkind, but that they should not act that way in return.

If young children are never exposed to adversity, they will be much less prepared to deal with it when it arises in situations both inside and outside the classroom.
We like to protect our children from unpleasantness, but at some point they must be able to deal with life’s adversities as well.

So let your children interact with others, and don’t be too quick to intervene in the normal squabbles that can arise.

As long as all seems within normal bounds, let them work it out. They will learn valuable lessons in the process.