Thursday, August 21, 2014

Parents’ checklist

Radio Commentary

Parents often ask what they can do to help prepare their children for school.

The most important parent involvement comes from setting a tone of respect and appreciation for education in general, and for school rules in particular.

Here’s a checklist that has proven helpful for many families:

  • Did my child get a good breakfast this morning? Children learn better when they arrive well-nourished. 
  • Did I provide a nutritious lunch or money to buy one? 
  • After school, did my child have a chance to tell me what happened today and to share concerns or excitement? 
  • Did my child use the agreed-upon time to complete all homework? This should be the number one priority each night.
  • Did I make time to help my child with any problems that arose? Explaining things right away can often make the biggest difference.
  • Does my child have any tests tomorrow? If so, has the needed studying been done?
  • Have I read with my child? Has she read alone? 
  • Will my child get to bed at the regular time each night?

These are good questions to pose. They provide the basic building blocks for success in any classroom.