Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Supportive parents

Radio Commentary

It is important for parents to understand the enormous influence they can have in helping their children do well in school. Their contribution cannot possibly be overstated. It is evident in every area of a child’s academic life.

Parents can be especially helpful in two major areas: attitude and life experience. Both have a major bearing on school performance.

As a start, parents can play board games or take part in other activities with their children. Go for walks and talk about what you see around you.

 These simple activities can help children develop a thirst for learning. They can also enhance curiosity and powers of observation and creativity.

Parents should also talk with their children as often as possible, even as they go about their daily chores. These everyday conversations help build vocabulary and language skills in a very natural fashion.

Children hear the rhythms and incorporate new words without even realizing that important learning is taking place.

It’s always very helpful to have books and magazines available for children to read in their home. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to let your children read to you. If they see a word they don’t know, you can explore it together.

This habit will serve them well as their reading skills improve and they tackle more challenging literature and assignments.

Supportive and caring parents go a very long way in helping bring about success in school.