Monday, October 6, 2014

Ensuring world leadership

Radio Commentary

Modern technology has made the concept of a “global village” quite real.
We can communicate with people in other nations and watch events occurring anywhere on the globe almost instantaneously.

This means we must make sure that our children have an education that prepares them to excel in this global marketplace.

Many industrialized nations continue to invest heavily in education. Important keys to development overseas have been sound public education, extensive school-to-work transition programs, and continuous worker training and education.
The former executive director of the North American Institute for Training and Education Research wrote that other countries have earned a global competitive edge by making sustained investments in education and training for all their citizens.
He asked: “Is it not time for America to do the same?”

We talk a lot about the importance of education, but the truth is that we still have not yet put together the national will to provide the resources and support that would truly make a difference.

People often say, “This isn’t the time.”  That begs the question, “If not now, when?”