Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time management skills

Radio Commentary

Many students aren’t fully prepared to make the jump from elementary to secondary schools because they lack time-management or other organizational skills.

In elementary school, students typically spend most of their time with one teacher, at the same desk every day. In middle school or junior high, however, they begin moving from class to class, and must take responsibility for their own time management.

Here’s how students can be helped to make the transition:

Consolidation is the key. Give students the proper organizational tools. A weekly planner and the right notebook can make a bigger difference than you might imagine.

Recommend that students use a three-ring binder for all subjects, with dividers to separate the subjects, and plastic pockets to hold loose papers and items like pens and pencils.
A weekly planner is also helpful for recording assignments. Parents can sign off on it once a week. The planner should contain a section for recording grades. This way both students and parents can keep track of progress.

Be sure to set up a proper work environment. Children need a quiet work space. Music and TV are both distractions, whether students realize it or not.

Create a schedule to replace daily reminding. The act of reminding students to do the same things over and over again becomes tedious and can waste valuable time.

These practices really help.