Monday, February 15, 2016

Loving discipline

Radio Commentary

Punishment is a negative consequence of bad behavior that has already occurred. Discipline is a positive way to focus on future behavior.

Here are rules for loving discipline that many parents have found helpful:

  • Change misbehavior by setting positive goals to strive for, rather than negative ones to avoid. 
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say. Children have an uncanny way of knowing the difference.
  • Involve your children in solving problems to show you value their judgment.
  • Talk less; do more. 
  • Ask what happened to cause a certain misbehavior. The cause may be very different from what you suspected.
  • Make clear what you want from your children and praise them when they do it. 
  • Impose logical consequences for any misbehavior. Be sure the cause-and-effect link is clear.
  • Give your children choices — but make sure you can live with them. If not, discuss the issue and explain why another choice might be better.
  • Focus on what’s good about your children, and expect their very best. 

And always show your love.