Thursday, February 25, 2016

Teens and alcohol

Radio Commentary

Teenagers love to party.

But, because accidents involving alcohol are the number one killer of teens, parties can be particularly worrisome. The PTA’s party guidelines are very helpful:

When your own teen is having a party, be sure to supervise — and to be visible while doing it. Parents are legally responsible for what happens to minors in their home.

Take a strong stand prohibiting alcohol and drugs.

Call the parents of anyone who arrives with drugs or alcohol or seems to be under the influence. Or call a taxi to take the teen home.

Agree with your teen in advance that law enforcement may be called if a party gets out of hand.

Useful rules to enforce include: No drinking. No smoking. No crashers allowed. Lights should be left on. Some rooms in the house are off limits. Also, set a definite start and ending time.

If your teen is going to a party elsewhere, make sure you know where it is. Call the parents to verify the occasion.

Maybe most important, take the time to assure your teens they are important to you. Let them know they can call you for a ride home at any time a situation arises, no questions asked.

Loving parents need to be available to provide support as teens attempt to exercise good judgment.