Monday, October 17, 2016

Get involved

Radio Commentary

Any teacher will tell you: Children whose parents take an active role in their education usually do better in school, and seem to enjoy learning, and school, more than those who do not have much parental support.
They improve their skills and attitudes, develop self-confidence, and are generally better prepared for the future.
The difference comes from the message the child gets that the whole family is moving together toward the same goal.
The child gets the idea that education is important and what he or she is doing is valued.
Here are some suggestions for ways that parents can stay involved with their children’s schools throughout the school year.
  Continue to build a good relationship with your children’s teachers, the school’s principal, the guidance counselors, and other staff members at your children’s school.
• Take part in school activities: Be sure to go to Open Houses. Attend all parent-teacher conferences. Volunteer as an aide. Chaperone field trips. Join the Parent-Teacher Organization at your campus.
In short, do all you can to let the school know you support their mission and you’d like to help.
• Help your children make the most of their studies by making your home a place of learning.
• Show your child that you value education.
Stay involved! It can be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences you’ll have. And as we all know, your children will be the beneficiaries.