Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Solving problems

Radio Commentary

Decision-making and problem solving are important skills to teach your child.
Talk with children about challenges they encounter. Helping them create a list of possible responses to a variety of situations can be a great learning tool.
Set up “what if” scenarios when children tell you how they might handle or deal with certain situations or problems. Brainstorm strategies and options as you show them how to take steps to tackle a situation.
It will allow them to feel confident about solving a problem or making a difficult decision.
Be sure to follow through when you are confronted with a problem and show your children the approach you use. Tell them about the tough decisions you have to make.
Realizing that everyone faces similar experiences makes children feel less frightened and helps them become better prepared.
When you’ve handled something you never thought you could, you really feel stronger and more self-confident. This is what really builds self-esteem.
Young people who experience these feelings are much more willing to face new challenges with confidence.
Remember: Don’t just handle problems for your children or make their decisions for them.
Teach them the decision-making skills they’ll need to solve problems on their own. This is an important skill that will last a lifetime.