Friday, November 28, 2014

Impact of good schools

Radio Commentary

Americans believe high-quality public schools help build stronger families and improve local economics.

That was the finding of a poll commissioned by the Public Education Network.

Asked to cite the benefits of good public education for a community, 24 percent said good schools help build stronger families, making that the top response.

The second impact cited, with 20 percent support of respondents, was that high-quality public schools improve the local economy by attracting businesses.

The third greatest impact, cited by 15 percent of those who responded, was that good schools lower crime rates.

Next came creating community pride, instilling civic values, boosting property values, and, most tellingly, “all of the above.”

Among parents of children 18 years or younger, 88 percent said that having good public schools in their community was important.

Of those without children, 84 percent still shared that belief.

It is heartening to know that members of the public, by such overwhelming numbers, consider high-quality schools so vital. Americans clearly recognize the contributions of our schools to our communities and our society.