Friday, November 14, 2014

Salute to Teachers

Radio Commentary

Auto industry executive Philip Caldwell said, “Successes have many fathers.” That is certainly true in local schools and tomorrow’s Salute to Teachers is a perfect example.

Cox Communications, Bacara Resort and Spa, Montecito Bank and Trust, and other businesses will partner with the Santa Barbara County Education Office to honor exceptional new teachers and outstanding mentors in our Teacher Induction Program.

To understand why this kind of recognition is so important, consider the results of a recent study by the California State University system.

It found that 22 percent of new teachers were leaving the profession within four years of starting, and the main reason they gave was “a lack of support.”

The Teacher Induction Program supports these new teachers during the crucial early transition period into the profession.

Today, some 96% of the new teachers in our Teacher Induction Program state they plan to remain in the profession.

Tomorrow’s Salute to Teachers, and other teacher recognition events, are made possible by our enlightened Santa Barbara County business community. They understand well that an investment in our teachers will pay dividends for our children and our community’s future.