Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to school

Radio Commentary

When a new school year gets underway, families experience new routines, schedules, and priorities. Before summer ends, taking a few simple steps can help your child gear up for a great year.
Keep a large calendar, marking each family member’s activities in a different color.
Re-establish bedtimes for school nights. Get children in the habit of preparing for each school day the night before. They can set out clothes, pack a lunch, and set their backpack by the front door.
Scale back television time. Create a supervised study space for your child.
Establish a family reading time, and make a plan for after-school activities. Schedule adequate time for homework, play, clubs, practice, and sports.
Collect important telephone numbers. Update doctor and work numbers, plus those for the school office and a neighbor.
Start a change jar. This can ensure children will have spare lunch money on hand.
Set up a file for your child’s school papers. Place all school notices in it so you won’t misplace them.
Create a carpool. Compare schedules and determine which parents can drive kids which days. Have a back-up plan with another parent who will exchange pickup favors. This can be very helpful in case you get sick or delayed by work or traffic.
Taking these few steps can really help set the tone for a great year of school.