Monday, August 29, 2016

Starting early

Radio Commentary

From early on, children should have books to read, people reading to them often, and the chance to see others reading and writing. 
Children should also be encouraged to talk about books they know, adding their own storylines or creating new endings.
The home environment has a significant impact on reading. Make sure it is filled with printed material.
Put up some signs around the house that use the child’s name. Have toys like alphabet refrigerator magnets. Label common objects with word cards.
Several Internet sites publish lists of wonderful children’s books.
There is no substitute for a caring adult who takes time with a child.
Vocabulary, language skills, and knowledge about the world are gained during interesting conversations with responsible, caring adults.
In daily life, parents should point out and read words that appear in a child’s environment — store signs, labels, TV titles. 
Have your toddlers share in making grocery lists and checking them off at the store. Sing songs and tell stories whenever the opportunity arises.
Above all, talk to your child whenever possible. Simply hearing the rhythms and sounds of language helps with reading.