Friday, December 16, 2016

Encourage writing

Radio Commentary

Look for ways to get your child’s creative juices flowing when it comes to writing.
When young children tell stories, write down the words. Your children can add their own illustrations and create a complete “book” to give to a grandparent or good friend for a very special birthday gift.
Children may also find that keeping a journal is a great way to express themselves and sort out their feelings.
Writing is interwoven into every part of a child’s academic career. If your child seems to have a natural affinity for it, you should encourage it in every way.
Teach children to become more observant of people and nature. It opens up whole new worlds of interest and inspiration to them.
Have them notice shapes and colors, and then have them describe what they see. Their senses are an unlimited universe of potential learning and adventure. Be sure to give lots of positive reinforcement.
Whatever the topic your child raises, listen with interest and ask questions. Don’t stifle curiosity. If you start to brush off questions, you may find that your child stops asking.
Above all, make learning as interesting, inviting, and as much fun as possible for your children. Enthusiastic, creative people enjoy learning new things at any age.