Monday, December 12, 2016

Time capsules

Radio Commentary

With 2016 winding down, it can be fun for families to create a time capsule. It can also provide a practical use for items you might otherwise throw away.
Creating a time capsule is an interesting activity to give children a sense of historical perspective.
Storing a collection of artifacts from the present to be opened some time in the future will give clues to those in the future as to what life was like in our times.
Have each family member select a few things to donate to the cause.
Put a date on the box when your family can open it again. You might even want to bury it somewhere.
Years later, when your children open it, memories will flood back. Or, they might choose to let the time capsule go forever, to be discovered by some future explorers.
The unknown aspects of the future can spark young imaginations and provide encouragement to a wide variety of interests, from science to science fiction.
This project could even start young people on the road to planning goals to achieve by a certain date.
Time capsules provide a real opportunity to channel children’s sense of wonder. They also help bring the concept of history right into your own backyard.