Monday, December 5, 2016

Easing stress

Radio Commentary

Here are some good tips for reducing stress in your family.
First, show affection! Let your children know you love them. Hug them often.
Nurture your children’s self-esteem. Listen to their needs and help them develop their own problem-solving skills.
Encourage their interests and abilities. Treat them as individuals with their own special qualities.
Give your children some of your undivided attention every day.
Give them a chance to talk about both the happy AND the stressful events in their lives.
Some every-day concerns that can cause stress for children are school pressures, alienation, and the demands that they succeed at everything — school, sports, music, dancing, or other activities.
Show your children you understand their concerns and take them seriously.
Have weekly family meetings to discuss family activities, routines, and problems.
Give everyone a chance to speak and don’t allow angry or negative feedback. Work at problem-solving rather than confrontation.
Use humor or empathy — rather than orders, anger, or sarcasm — when asking your children to do something for you.
These seem like small steps, but they can really make a big difference.