Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Post holiday stress

Radio Commentary

Few times of the year match the winter holidays for the sheer joy and excitement felt by young people. 
Children tend to get excited by the presents, special food, and even the change of schedule from the everyday routine.
Then it’s all over. The post-holiday letdown can sometimes escalate into post-holiday stress among young and old alike. 
If this seems to be the case with your own children, encourage them to talk about their feelings. Give them a chance to draw or write about what might be troubling them.
Reassure them that these feelings are normal for everyone. 
You should not be surprised if children exhibit some regressive or aggressive behavior. Try not to get alarmed or overly critical if it does appear.
Remember that this type of behavior is a normal reaction following periods of great excitement. 
With your love and support, your children will do just fine.
In fact, it is often a very important lesson to learn that life has peaks and valleys in terms of excitement and happiness. Things can’t always be perfect or thrilling.
It’s both the ups and the downs that lend texture to life, and ultimately lead to wisdom. It’s a hard lesson for children to learn, but an important one.