Monday, February 20, 2017

Signs of drug use

Radio Commentary

The Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse has developed eight points to help raise drug-free kids:
• Talk to your children.
• Listen to your children.
• Set standards of right and wrong.
• Remember they learn by example.
• Love, support, and praise them so they will have a sense of self-worth.
• Keep them busy.
• Be involved with their lives.
• Educate yourself about drugs.
These are wonderful general principles that all parents should keep in mind. But they are not guarantees in any sense.
Many parents have asked how they can know, in time to be helpful, whether their children are involved with drugs.
The council has listed some warning signs for parents to look for that could signal involvement with drugs. These include:
• A drop in school performance
• A lack of interest in grooming
• Withdrawal, isolation, or depression
• Aggressive or rebellious behavior
• Excessive influence by peers
• Hostility and lack of cooperation
• Deteriorating relationships with family
• Loss of interest in hobbies and sports
• A change of friends
• A change in eating or sleeping habits

Always remember: help is available.