Thursday, February 2, 2017

First two Rs for testing

Radio Commentary

High-stakes testing is a fact of life. Students of all ages will take standardized tests throughout their school careers. 
While some students are naturals at test-taking, others need help to do their best.
A publication titled “Principal Communicator” outlined four conditions that parents can use to help their children feel confident about tests.
They all start with “R”: Being Receptive, Relaxed, Ready, and Rested.
Being “Receptive” is important. Parents can help children develop a receptive attitude toward school in general, and testing in particular.
They can do this by making sure students understand that testing is merely a part of the learning process, and that it is a measuring stick for how much they have learned. 
The second “R” is for “Relaxed.” Anxiety can block the best-prepared student from doing well on a test. 
Two effective ways to overcome anxiety are the third and fourth “R’s” — getting Ready by studying well in advance, and being Rested rather than staying up late to cram the night before the test.
It’s important to help children avoid getting hung up on how hard a test might be, or the consequences of doing poorly. Remind children about the satisfaction that comes from trying their best.
Make sure they know you think they will do well, but that your approval of your child as a person does not depend on a test score.