Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Traits of success

Radio Commentary

According to author Doris Lee McCoy, successful people have several traits in common. The good news is that parents can help nurture and cultivate these traits among their children.
  First, successful people enjoy their work. They can be good at it because they like doing it.
  Successful people almost always have a positive attitude and plenty of confidence that gets them through the rough spots.
  They invariably use negative experiences to discover their strengths. They see negatives as challenges to overcome and to learn from.
  Successful people are also decisive, disciplined goal-setters. They don’t let distractions get in the way.
  They have integrity, and they help others succeed.
  Successful people are also persistent. They keep at it until the goal is reached, where others may get discouraged and choose another path.
  They’re also risk takers, in the spirit of “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
  They’ve developed good communication skills and problem-solving skills.
  They surround themselves with competent, responsible, and supportive people, and know how to tell the difference.
  They’re healthy, high-energy people, and they schedule time to renew themselves before problems can arise.
These traits apply to young and old alike.