Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Arts Education Month

Arts Education Month

March is Arts Education Month, focusing on dance, drama, music, and the visual arts – which are essential parts of basic education for all students.

There is no doubt that the arts should play a major role in the education of young people.

Visual and performing arts are a form of expression and communication essential to the human experience, and they deserve a regular place in our classrooms.

Arts education plays a critical role in developing initiative, creativity, self-expression, self-reflection, thinking skills, discipline, an appreciation of beauty, and cross-cultural understandings.

Many young people find great joy in artistic expression. For some, it can be an outlet and a source of inspiration. It helps keep them connected to their teachers and their schools.

Many professional arts education associations hold celebrations in March, giving California schools a unique chance to focus on the value of the arts for all students.

The current California arts education policy states that each student should receive a high-quality, comprehensive arts education.

The state arts task force that I chaired several years ago made recommendations we hope will result in a renaissance in arts education.

Celebrating Arts Education Month is one way to support the important efforts to keep the arts in our classrooms.