Thursday, March 16, 2017

Using time well

Radio Commentary

No matter how busy parents are, there are things they can do to help their children succeed in school.
To start, it’s important to organize your time. Try to plan work and activities around school and practice schedules.
Also plan to do a few things at once. For example a child could start doing homework in the car while the family is waiting for an older sibling to get out of school. 
The car is also a quiet place where parents and children can talk together uninterrupted.
It’s also a good idea to find other people to help. A babysitter can sometimes help with homework. Grandparents who live nearby can often lend a hand with carpooling.
Friends and neighbors are often willing to trade services and pitch in when needed.
Alternative scheduling can also make a big difference. Though many parents check homework at night, it sometimes works better for parents to do it in the morning, while a child is eating breakfast.
If work schedules make it possible to have only a quick dinner in the evenings, try to compensate in the mornings with a big, hot breakfast.
Also remember that weekend schedules can make up for weekday shortfalls. 
And finally, it’s a good idea to figure out a way to help at school even if your work schedule is complicated.
Be flexible and creative. But find ways to stay involved.