Thursday, March 30, 2017

Reducing stress

Radio Commentary

Children cope better with stress in their lives when they don’t feel helpless. So teach them how to care for themselves and assume more family responsibility as they grow up. 
Show them how to balance chores and play. Help them plan schedules that are realistic. Show them the importance of adequate rest and proper nutrition. These precautions help prevent stress from erupting in the first place.
Encourage your children to ask for help when they need it, analyze problems as they arise, and plan alternatives for coping.
It’s been demonstrated that children who enjoy learning have good defenses against stress, so encourage your children to do their best in school. 
But remember that too much academic pressure is a chief cause of childhood stress, so don’t go overboard.
If your child is having a problem at school, support the school’s effort to correct the problem. 
Confide in your child’s teachers and principal if you sense there is a problem with stress.
These professionals are trained to integrate coping skills into classroom activities like group discussions, role-playing, films and problem-solving exercises.
Keeping in touch with your child’s school is an important safeguard against stress.