Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Children need consistency

Radio Commentary

Children need consistency. They thrive on routines and consistent responses. It helps bring order to their world in a way they can handle.
Children are also more likely to listen when they can anticipate the responses they will receive from their parents.
Being consistent with discipline is especially important. And it’s critically important for both parents to be on the same page with discipline, whether they live in the same household or not.
For this reason, parents should agree together on the disciplinary techniques they will use, and when they will be called into play.
If you disagree, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance to help mediate these differences, because they are important for the sake of the children involved.
In fact, professional assistance, when needed, creates a safe space for discussing these issues, which works to everyone’s advantage.
It’s a rare parent who has never felt embarrassed, frustrated, or angry by their child’s behavior at one time or another. Having both parents react the same way, or use the same disciplinary techniques, helps a child understand boundaries and consequences.
The goal is to raise a happy and healthy child, who understands there are limits in the world, and very specific consequences if those limits are reached.
Having both parents approach these issues in a consistent way creates an environment where children can thrive — and that’s the bottom line for all of us.