Friday, April 7, 2017

Earthquake Preparedness Month

Radio Commentary

Every year, April is designated California Earthquake Preparedness Month by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.
Though earthquakes can occur virtually anywhere, California is a more frequent site than other parts of the nation. 
For this reason, it’s important that California residents, young and old alike, know what to expect and are prepared to act quickly and effectively.
The statewide preparedness project stresses awareness of the risks throughout California and urges people to make an earthquake safety plan at home and at work. 
Because schools must comply with the Field Act that requires more earthquake safety features than other structures, schools are often designated as evacuation sites for emergency purposes.
Throughout April, special preparedness activities are held each year for government and emergency services, business and industry, schools, and family and community members.
Knowing what to do and what not to do is the best defense in an emergency situation. It is the only effective way to minimize harm to people and damage to property.
That’s the kind of information that is spotlighted during Earthquake Preparedness Month. We urge every community member to get involved for the basic safety of all.