Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Public Schools Month 2017

Radio Commentary

Since 1920, the Free and Accepted Masons of California have sponsored Public Schools Month in April. 
The goal of the Masons has been to encourage communities to understand more about their public schools and to enlist support in the cause of public education.
As Frosty Troy, Oklahoma’s Pulitzer Prize winning editor and commentator said when he visited Santa Barbara some time ago, everything America is, or ever hopes to be, depends upon what happens in public school classrooms, where millions of boys and girls will get their chance in life.
In proclaiming Public Schools Month, the Masons always emphasize: 
And I quote: “It is crucial for America that the youth of our state and nation receive the finest and broadest-based education available … so that our standard of living, technological advancement, and national destiny are maintained.” End quote.
They see public education as the ultimate public service.
It is little wonder that PTA parents are the most ardent supporters of our local public schools — they see first-hand the good news that goes under-reported. 
They see, close-up, the real challenges that are overcome and the successes that are achieved every day.
So during Public Schools Month, take a minute to visit a local school. You’ll be impressed at what greets you — enthusiasm, dedication, lots of hard work, and great results.