Friday, April 14, 2017

Homework problems

Radio Commentary

Homework is an essential part of schoolwork. There is no getting around it.
It is best when children accept homework as a part of their obligation as a student.
To avoid homework hassles, parents should monitor their children’s assignments. They should act as a resource or coach, but avoid the temptation to do the work for the student.
If problems do arise, despite your support and help, then parents, teachers, students and school personnel need to work together to resolve the issues.
First, share any concerns directly with the teacher.
If a child is refusing to do an assignment, despite your encouragement, there might be some larger issue.
 Also approach the teacher:
• If instructions seem unclear,
• If you can’t seem to help your child get organized to finish the assignments,
• If you can’t provide needed supplies or materials,
• If the assignments appear to be coming too often, or are too hard, or too easy.
Contact the teacher especially if a child has missed school and needs to make up assignments.
Remember that communication between teachers and parents is very important in solving homework problems.