Monday, September 12, 2016

Parent role

Radio Commentary

It’s good to remember that parents can play a major role in helping prepare their children for the challenges of homework and class work: 
  • Make sure your child begins each day with a good breakfast, and arrange to have snacks and other meals at regular times. This helps small bodies adjust and react at maximum capacity.
  • Inform your child of your schedule at home and on the job. This helps establish a sense of time, consistency and order.
  • Read with your child every day that you can. Newspapers, short stories, and books can all be the basis of enjoyable shared experiences. 
  • If possible, set aside a specific time each day for homework. 

Tell your child that homework is a number one priority, and make sure you mean it. But also remember to be flexible if soccer practice or band tryouts fall during homework time.  Together, set a new time for that day.
Don’t do your children’s homework, but be sure he or she knows you are available for help.  Serve as a “consultant” or a coach.
When your child is studying for a test, discourage “cramming” the night before.  Instead, ask your child to bring a textbook home every other night and teach you what he or she has learned in school. 
The most important point for parents to remember, at all times, is that their own positive attitude toward homework, teachers, and school can have great influence on their child’s success.
And that’s the bottom line for all of us.