Thursday, September 8, 2016

Parent volunteers

Radio Commentary

Parents everywhere are finding that involvement as a school volunteer improves student achievement.
This happens whether parents volunteer in the classroom or simply behind the scenes.
Here are some tips for volunteering for your school:
  • Be honest in your approach and attitude toward students.
  • Be patient. If students are having trouble with a subject, they don’t need additional pressure. They need your patience, support, and encouragement.
  • Be flexible in responding to the needs of students. Different students need different kinds of approaches. Try to figure out what approach will work best.
  • Be friendly. A smile and a ‘thank you’ can accomplish miracles.
  • And be respectful. Treat students in the same manner you would like to be treated.

An effective volunteer is also regular in attendance, appreciative of the effort of the school to educate all children, and willing to be discreet, sincere, dedicated, and punctual.
These very basic approaches make a world of difference with children.
Sometimes the support and help of a volunteer can make all the difference.