Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Views of parent conferences

Radio Commentary

From a child’s standpoint, a parent-teacher conference brings two important parts of the child’s life closer together — school and home.
Children usually feel good that their teacher and parents know each other because they are all such important influences and role models.
As a result, after the conference, parents usually are better able to help their children with school work. 
During the conference, teachers can show parents the learning growth that has taken place for their children. Plus, teachers can pass on enjoyable details or special concerns about learning.
In turn, parents can learn of special services available for children who need them. 
They can find out how individual differences are taken into account in teaching, and how that can apply to their child.
For their part, parents can help teachers learn more about home activities and situations that may affect learning.
The teacher can be more effective when positive feelings exist between home and school. For this reason, parent-teacher conferences create a win-win situation that goes far beyond the specific exchange of information that takes place.
They set a tone of cooperation and support that can be very influential on a child’s attitude toward learning.
They also establish lines of communication that can prove critical in times of challenge. It’s a win-win for all involved.