Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Activities for baby

Radio Commentary

Babies usually like to be well rested, fed, and kept clean and dry.
Remember, also, that every minute your baby is awake, he or she is learning something new about people and the world around them.
Here are some ways to spend quality time with your baby:
Spend time cuddling. Babies love to be touched and held. Don’t be afraid of spoiling your infant by picking him or her up too much. Holding a baby makes her feel comforted.
Learn your baby's cues. Sometimes babies need their time and space, because all the sights and sounds can be too much for them.
If your baby moves his eyes away or starts to cry, he may just need some quiet time in his seat or crib.
When your baby is ready to play, she will let you know by smiling, reaching out, and moving her eyes towards someone who is talking.
Make some tummy time. When your baby is three months old, it's important to start giving him some time on his stomach to exercise his neck muscles and help him learn to reach for things.
Put him on a soft surface on the ground, like a blanket or carpet, put toys in front of him, and let him try to reach for them.
These simple activities are fun for babies, and delightful to watch.