Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Preventing violence

Radio Commentary

Every school in Santa Barbara County has a campus safety plan to help ensure the protection of all children.
In addition, prevention programs are also is use at most schools: peace education, conflict resolution, anger management, peer mediation, and lockdown drills, to name a few. 
Clearly there are no guarantees that these programs can address all the concerns of educators, parents, and community members as they continue to monitor the safety of all students.
Fortunately, some basic steps can help parents provide effective support to school and community programs.
First, the philosophy of a nonviolent lifestyle begins in the home, where parents can model appropriate behavior.
For this reason, conflict at home can be used as teachable moments and discipline at home should never be physically severe.
When there is a difference of opinion in the family, provide a good example by settling those differences with words. Don’t yell, interrupt, or threaten.
If your children see that disagreements can be settled by calmly talking things through, by being persuasive, and by being respectful, they will be far more likely to settle their own differences with peers in this manner.
Local schools can provide information about effective alternative methods of child discipline, such as “time out” periods or suspension of privileges. These help children see that consequences for doing something wrong do not have to involve physical punishment.
These are not cure-alls for violence, but they help create a strong foundation for the values we hope every child will embrace.