Monday, November 7, 2016

Find the positive

Radio Commentary

Negativity appears everywhere in media reports, because conflict makes news.
Violence and negativity also appear in movies, games, and music videos, mostly because the manufacturers consider it entertaining — and because they are rewarded financially by producing this content.
This negative bombardment can give a false impression to young people that the world around them is not very positive.
For this reason, it’s important to find time to talk with children about many good things that happen and go unreported.
Focus especially on what is positive in their neighborhood and their school.  
Positive stories surround us if we make a point of looking for them – neighbors who’ve helped other neighbors, people who support worthy causes, and so forth.
It’s also very clear from the research that developing a positive attitude in school-age children is important to success in the classroom.
In fact, hearing positive news can help your child feel good about school in general and schoolwork in particular.
Make it a special point to share your enthusiasm about students who help out and make a difference in the community. 
By holding up those young people as a model, your children may then strive to be one of them.
That’s how the chain of compassion begins, and that’s how we can help pass it along for future generations.