Friday, November 4, 2016

Children’s contract

Radio Commentary
The future of any society is bound tightly to how it treats its children. 
A contract created for American children promises the following:
  We promise to consider children’s well-being first in evaluating health and welfare reforms or other national policy.
• We promise to ensure that all children get the basics they need to grow up healthy.
• We promise all children a chance to achieve their potential, and we encourage parents to help by becoming active partners in their children’s education.
• We promise to reduce children’s exposure to violence — on TV, on our streets, and in our homes.
• We promise to help families stay together and help young people understand the rewards and responsibilities of parenting.
• We promise to help working families stay out of poverty.
• We promise to support families by making sure that education and job training are available to people of all means.
• We promise to provide young people with places to go and things to do that will help them act responsibly.
• We promise to support all children’s healthy development.
• We promise to hold our elected leaders accountable for safeguarding the future of America’s children.
We hope that these principles will continue to guide an open and honest discussion about how we can best meet the needs of our children.