Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Creating connections

Radio Commentary

Several types of activities can help create and maintain connections with your children as they get older.
Share a hobby. Explore an interest that you both enjoy, whether it’s rollerblading, playing golf, or skimming through fashion magazines or websites. Time spent this way can result in hours of naturally-flowing conversation.
Look at baby pictures. A walk down memory lane is a great way to bring up other awkward topics including the many physical and emotional changes that occur throughout your child’s life.
Make time in the car for conversation. The moments you have together in the car can help you share important information and emotions.
You can also learn a lot about your child if you pay attention to conversations with friends while they’re riding in the back seat.
See your child as others do. Many parents only see their children when they’re at home. Get involved with your child’s school. Volunteer to help with extracurricular programs, such as theatre, clubs, or sports.
You may discover new and wonderful aspects to your child that you otherwise would have missed.
All these activities help you create and maintain connections as your children travel into adulthood. They also form the basis of shared experiences and close relationships throughout a lifetime.