Thursday, September 18, 2014

Parent help with testing

Radio Commentary

Public schools have always strived to fulfill their mission of helping students improve their skills and reach their full potential. Accountability has always been an important priority.

In current times, accountability is focused almost exclusively on test scores.

Supporters of testing contend that tests will lead to increased accountability and measurable results.

Opponents argue that average scores on high-stakes testing do not indicate how far a given teacher or school has taken a group of students from where they started. The scores don’t show the progress that was made for the individual student.

We also hear of strong political support balanced by some grassroots opposition. Clearly, there is controversy.

Nonetheless, right now high-stakes assessments are the most influential measure. They are required of all schools and students in our state, and there are rewards and sanctions depending on the average outcome.
Some young people are “naturals” at test-taking. They can sail through tests without stress. For many others, the taking of national and state standardized tests can be a time of high frustration and anxiety.

Four traits can help children feel confident about tests throughout their school careers: Being Receptive, Relaxed, Ready, and Rested. Parents who help nurture these traits can help their children succeed.