Friday, September 26, 2014

Voting essential

Radio Commentary

With political campaigns in full swing, we know that education will continue to be a primary focus for candidates.

Polls show the public considers education a very high priority, and candidates will be quick to zero in on these concerns. Much will be said about how to support and improve our schools.

But campaign words will not solve the challenges our schools face. How do we hold politicians accountable for their sound-bite promises and lofty rhetoric?

Recent history shows that we must do a far better job of demanding accountability for our children.

 With all the promises, the task forces, the reform measures, and the best or worst of intentions, what kind of real progress and results have we seen in the past few decades?

Are American schools better off than they were before all these efforts?

Have we committed the necessary resources and leadership to our nation’s classrooms so that problems can be truly overcome?

Have we provided even half the needed funding for key early childhood programs that prepare our children to succeed in school?

In the long run, ensuring a positive future for our kids depends on each of us doing our part as individuals.

We must learn the facts about the candidate’s actual records on these issues, and we should vote accordingly.

In addition to supporting family values, we must also support community values. Our future, and that of our children, depends on our own accountability in this area.